• Sarah Jo Marcotte

Community Updates - April 2, 2020

Friends and neighbors,

We're still in this - together!

I hope everyone is staying home and staying safe.

A few announcements:

-The HF Brigham Free Library has suspended all remote library activities. Cheryll wants the community to know how sorry she is. Thank you, Cheryll, for all you have done! If you have books or movies currently signed out keep them safe and keep them at home for now. Cheryll is not able to take care of returns at this time. There are links to other virtual library resources on the PARENTS AND TEACHERS page.

-The Governor declared a "Stay Home/Stay Safe" order last week. This and all Executive Orders related to Vermont's COVID-19 response can be found at:

-The State also has comprehensive information available at:

-If you or anyone you know in town has an urgent need that is not being filled with current/known resources, please let us know! The LOCAL NEEDS page of this site has local resources and numbers to call!

Be safe!

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