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Daily Announcements, April 21, 2020


I just watched the Lt. Governor's semi-weekly Facebook Live check-in and wanted to share resources for those of you who are self-employed or small business owners (or care about someone who fits this criteria). This post also has info about food and mental health resources.


I was prepared to share grant information that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce had made available to small businesses who employ 3-20 people in qualifying geographic areas. In the time it took to put this post together, the site had updated that grant capacity had been reached. The site still has valuable resources and information. Check it out and pass it along to your small business owner friends!

If you are self-employed you can sign up for a newsletter that will provide regular updates and resources directly to your inbox!

From the Department of Labor: "In an effort to provide dedicated updates for those individuals that are self-employed, independent contractors, sole proprietors, as well as others, the Vermont Department of Labor has established the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Hotline." Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Line:  (877) 660-7782


If you or someone you know is experiencing food insecurity, there are local resources that you can access! Check out our LOCAL NEEDS page for information on our local Food Shelves, Meals on Wheels, and more. Hunger Free Vermont also has extensive resources on their website:


Finally, when we hear and say: "We're in this together", let's remember that this is the pandemic, but our experiences are not the same. A friend of mine passed along this helpful analogy : The storm is the same, but our boats are different. What you're experiencing during this time is valid, it is YOUR experience. Just because you perceive someone else may be "better" or "worse" off doesn't negate what you're experiencing. It doesn't negate your stress, your anxiety, your fear, your grief... If you are feeling overwhelmed or need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to call 2-1-1 to be connected to resources. If you need immediate attention for a psychiatric or emotional crisis, you can also call 802-524-6554 OR TOLL FREE 800-834-7793 to be connected to an NCSS Crisis Team member. All three numbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We stay afloat together, friends.

Stay safe,


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