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Daily Announcements | May 20, 2020

Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday night to support BAKERSFIELD ILLUMINATED. We are grateful for our local businesses, organizations, and groups who have made a challenging time more bearable. Today's announcements include details on the lifted Burn Ban, Food Shelf, and links to stay up-to-date with the Governor's Executive Order.

Be well, be safe, and enjoy the weather, friends!


Bakersfield Burn Ban Lifted

The burn ban that has been in place since April for the town of Bakersfield has been lifted. Please make sure that you apply for a burn permit through the Fire Warden. A reminder that only clean natural unprocessed wood can be burned. The only exceptions for not obtaining a permit before a burn is if the fire is within a fire ring that is completely surrounded by rocks, metal, or concrete; and is 36” in diameter or less and/or the fire is used for cooking. Link to permit request:

Fairfield Food Shelf OPEN and available to Bakersfield Residents

Governor's Executive Order Updates

The most recent addendum to the Governor's State of Emergency Executive Order CLICK HERE

Keep up on the State of Vermont's response to the COVID-19 crisis by checking out the Governor's regular press conferences.

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