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Election Day is November 3rd!

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Vermont will mail a ballot to all active, registered voters for the General Election. Bakersfield residents should have already received their ballot. You can mail your ballot using the envelope provided - or drop it off at the Town Clerk's office on or before Election Day. Be sure to sign the certificate on the outside of the envelope for the ballot to be valid. You can also vote in person on November 3rd at the Bakersfield Town Hall. Polls will be open until 7PM.

Register to vote right up until voting day!

Voting with an early absentee ballot


Marking Ballots

Voters must mark the ballots in accordance with the instructions.

Signing Certificate

The voter must sign the certificate on the outside of the envelope for the ballot to be valid.

A voter who is physically unable to sign his or her name may mark an “X” swearing to the statement on the certificate.

Return of Ballots

Early or absentee voter ballots must be returned to the town clerk’s office before the close of business on the day before the election (be sure to check your town clerk’s hours) or to the polling place by 7 p.m. on Election Day. The ballots may be returned by mail or in person.

The town clerk must record receipt of the voted ballot(s) on the list of early or absentee voters.

Once an early voter absentee ballot has been returned to the clerk in the sealed envelope with the signed certificate, it shall be stored in a secure place and shall not be returned to the voter for any reason.

During the hours that the polls are open, the town clerk delivers the envelopes to the presiding officer in the polling place where the early or absentee voter would have voted if he had voted in person.

On Election Day, election officials examine the checklist to see whether the voter has already voted in person. The election officials also check the certificate on the envelope containing the ballots to make sure it is properly filled out. When the election officials are satisfied that the early or absentee voter is legally qualified to vote, has not already voted in person and that the certificate is properly filled out, they open the envelope containing the ballot(s). Without unfolding the ballots or permitting the ballot to be seen, the election officials mark the entrance checklist indicating the fact that that voter has voted by means of an early voter absentee ballot, and then they deposit the ballots in the ballot boxes or voting machine. Early voter absentee ballots are commingled with the ballots of voters who have voted in person.

Defective Ballots

When an early or absentee voter is not legally qualified to vote, or has voted in person, or if the affidavit on any envelope is insufficient, the certificate is not signed, or the voted ballot is not in the voted ballot envelope, or, in the case of a primary vote, the early or absentee voter has failed to return the unvoted primary ballots, the envelope must be marked “defective” and the ballots inside may not be counted.

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